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Amber Gell In Scotland, She Lectures With Legendary Russian Cosmonaut Anatoly Artsebarsky

Anatoly Artsebarsky became a cosmonaut in 1985. Artsebarsky has spent almost 5 months in space on a single spaceflight. In 1991, he flew aboard Soyuz TM-12 and docked with the Mir Space Station. Artsebarsky and Sergei Krikalev stayed aboard Mir while the rest of the crew flew back to Earth after eight days. Artsebarsky took six spacewalks during the Mir EO-9 mission. He spent over 33 hours walking in space.

During his stay, Artsebarsky constructed a space tower for use with a control module. Artsebarsky and Krikalev were almost stuck at the station. They were in orbit during the Soviet coup attempt of 1991. For several days, the political situation seriously jeopardised their position."

Hero of the Soviet Union, cosmonaut Anatoly Artsebarsky

"A lecture featuring some of the world’s leading figures in space travel was the highlight of this year’s Scottish Space School at the University of Strathclyde.

Russian cosmonaut Anatoly Artsebarsky was joined by NASA astronaut Alvin Drew and Spacecrafts Systems Engineer Amber Gell to offer the students a unique insight into the space industry, before delivering presentations at the public lecture.

Amber Gell, to the Right, Astronaut Alvin Drew, Cosmonaut Anatoly Artsebarsky
From Left To Right, Drew, Artsebarsky,Gell,Translator

Now in its tenth year, the space school gives 100 secondary school pupils the opportunity to attend a week-long residential course, with lectures, labs and workshops delivered by leading academics and researchers at the University’s Faculty of Engineering.
Alvin and Amber also visited Alloway Primary School and Uddingston Grammar School, and took part in a live Q&A session with 4,000 pupils from 80 primary schools across Scotland via Learning and Teaching Scotland’s GLOWmeet facility.

Gordon McVie, Outreach Co-ordinator for the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, said: “The Scottish Space School is unique to the University of Strathclyde and provides young people from all over the country with a fantastic opportunity to learn from the world’s top astronauts and engineers.

“We receive applications from every region of Scotland and the 100 selected are the top performing fifth year students in Mathematics and Science. Such is the success of the school, over 400 previous attendees have now graduated and secured top jobs within the science and technology industries.

“Science and technology play a large part in all our lives and in the economy of Scotland, and the Space School seeks to inspire the next generation to pursue science and engineering courses of study, and consider careers in these fields.”

At the conclusion of the week, 10 of the pupils will be selected to go on a Learning Journey to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, in November. This life changing experience, meeting the leading players in the space programme coupled with the skills they gain from the visit, will be invaluable in providing the students with a platform to build a career in the industry."

The Scottish people are in the midst of a scientific and technological renaissance, beginning in grammar schools, which will carry the Scots into a progressive 21st Century of risng living standards. In that regard, Mr. Drew and Ms. Gell made a point of visiting grammar schools.

"Visit: Alvin Drew, Euan Park and Amber Gell Students at Uddingston Grammar School were inspired to reach for the stars after a visit from an astronaut.

NATO astronaut Alvin Drew and spacecrafts engineer Amber Gell gave an out of the world talk about their work.

The South Lanarkshire school was the only secondary school in the country to be treated to a visit from the American space experts, who are in the country for the University of Strathclyde’s week-long Scottish Space School.

The space experts’ visit to speak to the Uddingston Grammar students, along with Advanced Higher pupils from Hamilton’s Holy Cross, was organised by sixth year pupil, Euan Park.

Euan, 18, said: “I only found out about the space school from a friend after it had taken place and I was really disappointed to have missed out.

“It’s fantastic to have Alvin and Amber visit the school and it’s been incredible to hear about their experiences.”

As part of the visit Alvin and Amber spoke to hundreds of pupils about their work before taking part in a question and answer session with the Advanced Higher students.

Alvin, who has logged more than 600 hours in space, has recently returned from the 39th and final mission for the space shuttle Discovery.

He told students about his experiences, the equipment and his crew mates on board Endeavour and Discovery.

Spacecrafts engineer Amber works with NASA on the Orion Project.

She also encouraged South Lanarkshire students to dream big.

She said: “It’s really rewarding to see your dreams and ideas become a reality. Any future scientists, mathematicians and physicists can do what I do.

“You don’t need to be smart, just enthusiastic, hardworking and driven. A lot of people live for the life outside their work but that doesn’t make sense to me – your work should be fun.

“My advice is to dream big. It’s going to be hard but as long as you’re passionate, driven and committed that’s all it takes.”

Members of staff also enjoyed listening to the hour-long talk.

Uddingston Grammar teacher Stuart Sutherland said: “I’m amazed by the way the school pupils used their initiative to make this happen.“I remember the Apollo Moon Landings in 1969 and remember staying up all night waiting to hear if they had made it.

We’re really lucky to have them visit.”

Both Amber and Alvin are in Scotland for the University of Strathclyde’s Scottish Space School where 100 secondary school pupils have spent five days participating in lectures, labs and workshops."

We are all living in a world of fierce competition, for every resource, every staple, every dream. The children of Scotland, though fun loving, are also practical and adventurous. Threy still think BIG dreams. They took the initiative not to invite some leftover cast member of GLEE, or a failed Reality TV star but an astronaut, a cosmonaut and a rocket scientist. And they treated them as celebrities.
Amber and Alvin sign memorabilia of their trip to the home of BRAVEHEART.

American high school students cannot have small, shallow and flimsy Dreams of incessant dress up and makeup; for if they do, they will live in small, shallow and flimsy times. The Conquest of Space has more value to Man than GLEE; and if we do not know that as a culture, then we have no right to survive as a culture. And we won't.

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